Inspired by the surrounding nature and the tranquility that inspires her artistic journey, Rachelle Barr’s (Cartinglee) piano ballad “Star/Dust” is a tale of acceptance, hope, and loss. This nostalgic melody takes the five stages of grief through a looking glass, patting gently and comfortably on someone’s shoulder, giving reassurance that the world might not be as cold and heartless as it seems. Cartinglee’s soothing vocals and profound lyrics send a message to every listener that they are not alone. In a world marred by fear of tomorrow, Cartinglee’s voice is a call from the mountains, a chant to restore faith in humanity and gently cuddle lost souls. What she aspires to do through her music is evident through every word she whispers into listeners’ weary ears.
Cartinglee recorded songs for her second album “A Little Fog” in February 2020, with an estimated release in spring 2022. From the heart of cold and the melting of icicles in the mountains of Ooltewah, Tennessee, came “Star/Dust” written after a student who lost her Dad to cancer asked the singer/songwriter to write something inspired by the words inhale/exhale. And that was when “Star/Dust” was born to be such an emotional rollercoaster of sound, text, and mood.

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Jaylan Salah