Daniel Cavazos

Alt-pop duo Glass Mansions drops a heavy one that will blow your brains out, an explosive and addictive song ‘Standing O’, released on the 11th of November. Based in Austin, US, Jayna Soule leads with her sultry voice. The duo is influenced by 90’s pop and modern music with heavy synths. Chances are you’ve seen them somehow because of their participation in Warped tour, illfest and SXSW. They also opened for bands like Phantogram, Robert Delong and Young The Giant. They were also featured on MTV and Netflix.

We don’t think the guys are ready for this one! The song talks about the frustration and the aftermath of male abuse of power against females. Lead by the incredibly daunting vocals of Doyle, the song is rebellious, sweaty, and complete rock and roll, this song is amazing with how electronically satisfying it is with its alternative take. It’s like you’re in the battle of the bands yet there seems to be some pop lurking beneath the music. The overall sound of the song is femme angst and edginess with undertones of sexy. You really won’t be able to stop hitting play over and over.  It’s a mix of hardcore rock with thrashy sound effects, dark magical sounds and heavy drums. The pace is medium, allowing you to digest fully every raw and loud emotion there is to the lyrics and music. There seems to be something that sounds like an electric guitar but it’s completely manipulated electronically, so it’s tricky to know what exactly is happening but the sound matches the violent vibe. Notable moves are the distorted voice snippets in between the singing. This song is too good not to be passed on to the whole world!