All the way from Sweden, the land of the dancing queens, comes Kingfisher, a rock band making a huge splash and wave with their iconic and melodic songs…truly, a treat for the soul.

Kingfisher is made with love by…

Julian from Colombia, Nich from Italy and Affe from Sweden.

They are based in Sweden but they share the love through the music all around the world.


Their latest single “Stand Back In” is a Strokes meets Chili Peppers fusion with the best of both worlds, the smooth attitude of the Strokes and the hotness of the Peppers.

“Stand Back In” starts with a very catchy riff and chord progression that the vintage sounds of the electric guitar, only to start right away with the beat and full ensemble of the highest quality production I’ve heard in a long time.

The vibes coming from “Stand Back In” are absolutely ear-catching…the vocal lines are super catchy…with a very interesting twist in the middle…a rap verse. Brilliant.

If you measure the success of a song by how catchy it is…then “Stand Back In” is an explosive success, the song is extremely catchy..not only for the chorus, but actually all the melodies across the song are brilliant, catchy…and you’ll start singing with the Kingfishers in no time.

We are wishing all the best for the Kingfishers, I’m an instant fan…you have to check their music out…

Psst…you also have to check their song “Until I Lose My Mind”…amazing.

Best of luck guys, you are awesome and brilliant and we can’t wait to see what you’re up to next…you’re on fire.