Germany has been one of the birthplaces of many musical icons…and it has been always reinventing music in some unique way…today and once again we’re witnessing a reinvention of musicality with Lolita Terrorist Sounds’s latest live session of their latest single “St. Lola”.

Starting with the music…it’s super moody…dark, guttural, raw and completely unhinged…

“St. Lola” stars the vocals, bass and percussion, maybe even one drum and something that sounds like guitar feedback and a very horror-esque build up of…strings?

…it’s super experimental and filled with unique mojo that hasn’t been seen before…

The video translates this sonic world into a visual one…with 3 colors almost…I’m not good with colors but a brighter shade of magenta, yellow and black…

…and yellow is just for the candle lights in the video…so basically black and a brighter magenta.

The video is also shot with what could be felt as a VHS kind of filter…or maybe it was shot with an actual VHS camera…and it was shot at their Berlin studio bunker.

Very atmospheric…very unique…this one-man show is like nothing else.

Wishing Lolita Terrorist Sounds all the best in their musical journey…we can’t wait to see what they come up with next…but we’re sure it’s going to be like nothing else.