There is a tangible warmth exuding from Lars Lervik’s latest piece of work ‘Spring.Relief’. A piece of alternative folk that hops forward at a jubilant pace, ‘Spring.Relief’ has a whimsical sound that didn’t fail to instill a sense of wondering optimism within me.

Lars Lervik is a Norwegian singer and songwriter based in Oslo. Influenced by styles that vary the way from jazz to krautrock, and from industrial to ambient, it is not surprising to hear that his sound is very distinct. On ‘Spring.Relief’, the warmth is drawn from a piano-centered arrangement, with a restrained rhythm piano line running like a steady stream, sounding reassured and balanced, and a wandering lead piano that populates nearly half the song with its apparent ramblings that start with seemingly no direction before morphing into something soothing and hypnotic.

The song also benefits from Lervik’s vocals that are processed with chorusing and delay, before being dubbed with several harmony lines, creating a rich vocal tapestry that adds a new dimension to the warmth of the sound on ‘Spring.Relief’. An exceptionally inventive piece of folk that’s progressive, beautiful, and novel.

‘Spring.Relief’ is a sweet song that’s produced beautifully and has a lush ambiance to it that drew me in right away.