Ari Joshua just released a new single with an all-star cast of musicians and it is different, fresh and most probably something….spooky.

The track is titled “Spooky” and it’s….well, it’s not ‘scare you’ spooky, but it’s the relaxed and chilled kind of spooky…does that make sense? No? Ok, well, that’s why I want to mention that this track is unlike most of the music you’ve probably experienced.

“Spooky” is a downbeat chill jazz/soul band kind of tune…with a sinister vibe underlying the chill’s unique and different…

It also has this kind of hypnotic ‘mantra’ of the melody being repeated…it puts you into a trance…

Well, let’s not forget…the people who made this music come to life are absolutely awesome in what they do…well, why don’t we get to know these artists…

We have Ari Joshua on the Guitar

Skerik on the Saxophone

Delvon Lamarr on Keyboards and Hammond

Grant Schroff on the Drums

Tor Dietrichson on Percussion.

…and of course it wouldn’t have reached its ultimate destination if it wasn’t for…

Mell Dettmer, tracking engineer from Studio Soli

Jason Gray, overdub engineer and mixing engineer from Blue Mallard Recording

Doug Krebs, Mastering Engineer 

“Spooky” is a masterfully composed and performed tune, with jazz and soul elements in the mix…beautiful.

The song starts out with the all-star cast playing all of the instruments…the musical progression is haunting…in a catchy way…then the saxophone starts playing the melody, which is absolutely lovely, seductive and of course…spooky…

The guitar then starts to fiddle here and there…and the sound of the guitar is phenomenal.

Across the track, there are many sound effects and audio elements that elevate the experience and adds a deep layer of depth to it.

…all of these instruments and melodies are playing on top of a colossal bass line that provides both the sonic foundation and the movement of the musical progression…working hand in hand with the amazing percussion and the grooviest drum beats…everything is tight, locked in and ready to spook you, while chilling…a very unique feeling.

To Ari, the band and the whole team behind “Spooky”, you are absolutely phenomenal and we wish you all the best in life…we’ll be on the lookout for your new musical projects…we’re fans of what you do.