The Curse of KK Hammond” emerges from the shadowy realms of blues and roots music, weaving tales that resonate with the grit and soul of the genre’s storied past. With an aura that harkens back to the early delta blues masters, KK Hammond infuses her music with a modern mystique that captivates the listener, anchoring her sound in tradition while pushing the boundaries into uncharted territories.

The release of her new single, “She is My Precious,” is a testament to this artist’s commitment to exploring the depths of blues music, imbuing it with her unique voice and perspective. This track, at its core, is a hauntingly sarcastic ode, characterized by its raw emotional depth and evocative storytelling. The music carries the listener on a journey through shadowed bedrooms and over dimly lit computers, all the while grounded by KK Hammond‘s powerful vocal delivery and masterful guitar work.

For those newly acquainted with KK Hammond‘s work, “She is My Precious” serves as a compelling introduction. It encapsulates her ability to blend traditional blues elements with a personal narrative, making her music both timeless and intensely personal. However, to fully grasp her essence, diving into her album “Death Roll Blues” would provide a comprehensive understanding of her artistic vision and musical journey.

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KK Hammond stands as a solitary figure in her musical journey, drawing from the rich well of blues history while crafting a persona that is all her own. Her music pays homage to the blues legends of the past, from Robert Johnson to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, yet it’s imbued with her own experiences, struggles, and revelations. This blend of the old with the new, the personal with the universal, marks her as a significant voice in contemporary blues.

Influenced by the raw emotion and simple, yet profound, storytelling of the Delta blues tradition, Hammond also channels the spirit and defiance of electric blues and rock’n’roll pioneers. Her music is a bridge between generations, inviting comparisons with modern blues and roots revivalists, while paving the way for future artists to explore their own truths through the blues.

As for her discography, beginning with “Death Roll Blues,” KK Hammond has consistently delivered music that speaks to the soul. Each album and single builds upon the last, creating a tapestry of sound that is rich with history and ripe with innovation. “She is My Precious” adds another layer to this evolving story, promising more haunting melodies and stirring narratives to come.

From “She is My Precious,” the title track itself stands out as a haunting embodiment of Hammond’s style, with its gripping lyrics and mesmerizing guitar licks.
– Looking back at “Death Roll Blues,” tracks like “The Devil’s Hand” and “River Styx Blues” offer a deeper dive into her exploration of traditional blues themes through a contemporary lens.

KK Hammond’s music resonates with the echoes of the past while speaking to the present, making her a unique figure in the blues genre. Beyond her solo work, any collaborations or live sessions she partakes in tend to reveal new facets of her musical identity, blending seamlessly with other artists while retaining her distinctive voice.

For those enchanted by KK Hammond’s haunting blues, artists like Samantha Fish, Gary Clark Jr., and Fantastic Negrito also navigate the rich traditions of blues and roots music with innovative twists and deeply personal storytelling, offering further explorations into the genre’s modern evolution.

– Tom Simpson

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