Gabrielle’s artist website is a bona fide tapestry. Blending album art, cover art, visuals, and her tracks to create an ambiance, her artistic presence is as magnifying as her vocals on “Spirit of the Times”. But what does “Spirit of the Times” want to say? It’s an empowering, hard-rocking song combining synthesizers, bass, and guitar riffs, with powerful vocals in a kaleidoscopic world. The song is about empowering oneself to leave a toxic relationship, but it could also aid someone struggling with depression, going through a life crisis, or stuck in the rut of a dead-end job.
“Spirit of the Times” screams at listeners to take matters into their own hands. This is a bohemian rock track that’s crafted for the modern world. Gabrielle Ornate has no intention of hiding in the glory of her past self or a past world, she’s out there ramming and jamming, creating wonders one single at a time.

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Jaylan Salah