Paul Menel’s latest single is a time-appropriate ode to the national English football team, delivered with full heart and intention.

The West Midlands-based Paul Menel is a songwriter who got inspired by the ongoing Qatar World Cup, resulting in a hearty chant for his national football team to reclaim their ‘66 title, through the spirit of ‘66. 

The consistently noisy atmospheres will put you right in the middle of the cheering crowds, with hearty calls and bombastic, stadium-sized drums. The playful, always-in-motion bass line adds a great dynamic, along with the warm, encouraging delivery of the voice that’s double and triple-tracked even, at some points.. maybe even more. The simple composition is grooving and compelling. Simple enough to put enough attention on the sporty attitudes, complex enough to be just meaty and engaging.

Paul Menel’s time spent touring the world with his band IQ has helped create a musician who’s capable of provoking emotions and capturing feelings. An able artist and a sweet song, in just the right time. Perhaps in a year from now it will have been forgotten, but at least for now we can revel in its empowering groove. English or not.


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