When I received the “Spicy N Rock” album by the music producers Pacho Buscadoro and Villalba, I was kind of consuded by its title. Actually, I was curious to know how it’s spicy and rockin’ at the same time. Well, let’s find what I got.

These talented producers delivered a rock album but flavoured by catchy Latin roots, and some British pop inspiration. It’s really smart because the 10-tracks album is very smooth, you won’t get bored or annoyed. Because the problem with Latin Rock, in my opinion, is that you kinda feel it repetitively with many artists, especially if don’t understand Spanish/Portuguese – same as me! Since Carlos Santana is our Latin pop-rock icon, I believed for a long time that many artists would be like him, frankly, Pacho Buscadoro and Villalba are the only best Latin rock ones in the Rock Era received in 2020 and 2021, respectively. The album features Ani and Felipe Del Valle who I believe had a great impact on its output. Actually, each one of them provides a different influence, and this is another smart move by Pacho Buscadoro, as he tried through Ani to give a smooth British pop atmosphere, unlike the Chilean singer Felipe Del Valle who gave powerful hard rock and metal vibes to spice things up! The album is full of spices indeed. And I cannot find any negative point over here, the music structure is pretty impressive, with amazing vocals, energetic guitars, and a great sound mix! Above all, the album covers various music styles, so if you’re into blues, country, rock, reggaeton, metal or even Trap, you will definitely get something you’d love. Check it out below and enjoy the vibes!

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