Haga Tara

Every once in a while, comes someone with the freakish question, “What good does art offer to people?” I pity whoever asks it because they’re missing a whole new world. Anyway, Alpha Mortal Foxtrot’s “Spectrum” is the perfect answer to what art offers. It’s an emotionally and sonically overwhelming piece that’s driven by a passionate performance and a sincere message.

Alpha Mortal Foxtrot, from Jakarta, makes music to touch souls. This mind-blowing Alt-Rock band consists of Wiku Anindito (vocals, guitar), Raiden Soedjono (drums) and Ricky Putra (guitar). Their latest fittingly titled single, “Spectrum,” gives the feel of seeing the colorful rainbow for the first time, enjoying the marvelous view, and the hope that tags along.

“Spectrum” is what every Rock fan looks for. It has a fiery sound that makes you instantly a fan of the skilled trio. However, it goes well beyond ear-bliss! Wiku’s attempts to communicate with his autistic kid served as the inspiration for the song. It conveys a deeply felt, personal experience while also promoting autism awareness and offering support to parents who are still figuring out how to interact with their children.

“I’ll tell you that words can’t keep us apart.

When everything’s so typical, you’re the light of my heart.”

The simple yet effective lyricism is like an emotive manifesto that will help you if you’re in a relatable life scenario, and even if you’re not, it will touch your core. The poignant, delicate vocal delivery will make you sense how every line is honest and filled with unconditional love. From start to finish, the guitar riffs are nothing less than legendary, and when combined with the pulsing drumbeat, they create a euphoric atmosphere. The harmony of the rich texture along with the affectionate, warm vocals grants peace to the soul and a dynamic pump to the heart.

What good does art offer? Keep an eye on Alpha Mortal Foxtrot and you’ll have a constant answers.