Using his music to spread positive vibes through these gloomy times we’re all facing, Matt Deangelis dropped his single Speak For A Moment on the 28th of July 2023. Teaming up with Billy Kennedy (guitars), Eric Bishop (Bass), and Dan Pettolina (Drums), Deangelis will take you on a mood-boosting journey in Speak For A Moment. Let me tell you more about it.

Matt Deangelis kickstarted Speak For A Moment with an open sound and bright melodies, promising an uplifting mellow tune. Deangelis‘ heavy use of piano and its clever layering with the guitar and vocal melodies reminds me a lot of 70s progressive heavyweights, he managed to create a powerful harmony between his elements resulting in an organically fluid structure with a solid progression and catchy flow. Speak For A Moment has a smooth dynamic pace with keyboards and guitar licks and solos that keep the listeners hooked, its streaming structure moves with a smooth progression towards a bigger and catchier sound, all led by Matt Deangelis‘ vocals that control the song’s twists and turns.

Speak For A Moment is a chill catchy song with fluid melodies and detailed arrangement that shows Matt Deangelis‘ strong writing skills. He managed to handle his elements very well, producing a well-written entertaining structure that’s filled with colorful vibes and movements, showing his knowledge of his direction and attention to detail. Looking forward to more from Matt Deangelis, keep on rocking. Cheers!