Texas based rock band ‘When Mountains Speak’ gets together and releases “Spaced Out”…a groovy psychedelic single with explorative musical ideas…a fresh take on the genre with a very raw approach.

The trio of musical minds behind ‘When Mountains Speak’ are Jim Gary on Bass, Ben Sands on Drums and Steven Clarkson on Guitar…and they will take us on a one-of-a-kind musical trip into the cosmos of psychedelic rock.

“Spaced Out” starts off from a powerful point, the tension is already high…

…the lead guitar sings…and keeps on giving out many melodies and licks almost throughout the whole runtime of the song.

The bass maintains a melodic and groovy direction and really does elevate the musical experience…

…all while the drums keep shape-shifting from a more chilled vibe to a more powerful in-your-face rock energy…going from one mood to another, swiftly and with artistic agility.

“Spaced Out” is psychedelic, experimental and pushes the musical boundaries, while telling a story and giving us a mood to live in.

It’s dark at times, it’s mysterious and it’s like nothing else…

We wish all the best to the musical rock trio ‘When Mountains Speak’.