Irish multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Terry Boosey releases his latest single “Spacecake” under his moniker ‘Pale Cousin’…”Spacecake” is a psychedelic trip with some hard and heavy-hitting riffs, Pale Cousin’s musical prowess shines bright with this single by creating a unique and one-of-a-kind instrumental experience.

Terry is basically a genius, he plays the electric guitar, saxophone, keys and percussion…of course while also being the composer and producer of his own art…when that’s the case, you get to have a real and deep insight into the artist’s persona…and Terry’s is a brilliant one.

“Spacecake” was inspired by-as you might have guessed-marijuana edibles…and it gives a pretty great musical high…it hits hard too.

Pale Cousin starts his musical journey in “Spacecake” with sound design elements that steal the hearts and ears of the listeners…building up with excellent pacing till an explosive bang of heavy riffing and hard-hitting drums…

..the song continues to develop while staying very musical…it morphs into a very groovy melodic psychedelic experience…the kind of experience where you feel like flying and passing by many events, as if going through time itself.

Melodically, “Spacecake” is excellent with a strong and powerful presence…

…not just for the psychedelic rock fans, but also for the alternative or progressive fans too, even though it doesn’t technically present itself as a progressive piece, but it’s progressive in its storytelling and presentation.

“Spacecake” was recorded at the Skyport Studio by Dr.Dark Sound.

Wishing all the best to Terry ‘Pale Cousin’.