Robert G. Zuckerman

It’s like one of those tracks of Pink Floyd‘s where they are furious at the media and everyone who resembles it. The fact that the track resonates has been discussed a lot previously through multiple kinds of art, whether in literature, movies, or music.

Patrick Doval from Miami, United States releases ‘Soulless Machine’ featuring The Offspring’s Pete Parada on the drums. 

Soulless Machine’  in concept is against the media in all aspects and how they brainwash the people who watch with their “Lies” and turn them into some sort of slaves or machines doing what they are being told with no questions asked.

The track begins with some heavy drum kicks by Pete Parada and basslines played by Patrick Doval, sooner Doval’s vocals hit and break some ice and wake the listeners up to rest his case.

The overall sound and vibe of the track are close to 1975’s ‘Love it If We Made It’ specifically in the vocals and the tone determining the concept and action. 

Soulless Machine’ is written In a way that serves the concept but doesn’t necessarily serve the message delivery, as it lacks a catchy chorus or phrase, unlike the media on Tv which depends mainly on how catchy their message is. 

The track musically syncs along with the music and tones written; the drums are not light, in fact they are just as heavy as the guitar’s riffs which were written perfectly, however it felt like the track needed a solo to add a bit more of depth and make it more profound.

Take a listen to the track and tell us your rating! Also brace yourselves with an interview with Patrick Doval on our website very soon!