“Soul Purpose” is no picnic. It’s a heavy song, not just motivating but aggravating. It pushes people’s boundaries and nags them to take action. For a song about fulfilling one’s destiny and creating a unique path in life, “Soul Purpose” achieves so by filling its realm with chugging guitars, rough vocals, and nifty riffing. Like a darker side of the movie Dead Poets Society, “Soul Purpose” draws heavily from Avenged Sevenfold’s earlier work, particularly in Sounding the Seventh Trumpet. Their inspiration comes from a brutally frantic sound, one that reveals as much as it withholds. This track does not seek to bandage the blister, nor to expose it, but to hold the hands of those in pain screaming, You were never alone.
Set for Tomorrow is not afraid of the darkness, they’re storytellers at heart, wanting to deliver messages from a twisted POV and they don’t shy away from it. Living up to expectations, seeking individuality in a conforming society, expressing anger and pain through art, are at the heart of “Soul Purpose”.


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Jaylan Salah