Sick Life is an American metalcore band based in Long Island, New York that is building a large following with its intense and brutal blend of hardcore and thrash metal. Their first release was a self-titled ep back in 2017 and now they are preparing to release their 1st 16 songs full-length. Today we’ll be reviewing their 1st neck breaking, extremely brutal single off this record “Soul Feast”

“Soul Feast” is a relentless piece of brutality with all the elements any headbanger needs. The simple, straightforward structure combined with those heavy, slow riffs gives clear old school death metal vibes and the bridge’s tempo changes adds a melodic touch to Sick Life’s mix and breaks the steadiness of the verse. The balanced vocal delivery with guttural vocals and screams placed in the right places added a dynamic layer to the song.
“Soul Feast” is a great choice for 1st single from a band that wants to show what they are capable of without giving any spoilers and that cut at the end will make you play it again and again.