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Lethia’s Natorium’s “Sorry No Longer Cuts It” is a break-free anthem that urges one through empowering rock sounds to end things with whomever has sucked the life out of them.

The London-based project, Lethia’s Natorium, is the brainchild of the singer/songwriter Pena Hughes-John, along with other elite musicians who change from one song to another.

“Sorry No Longer Cuts It” is Lethia’s Natorium’s latest release, which brings the band’s organic musicianship and powerful attitude. In a sincere, vulnerable, yet potent manner, the single tells the story of someone who used to accept being abused in a toxic relationship with a manipulative partner who leans towards being a narcissistic character, but finally takes action and clearly sees the difference between reality and lies.

Soulful humming and delicate riffs open the song. Pena delivers such a poignant, honest performance with her melodious, steady vocals that have a sorrowful tone mixed with a triumphant timbre. The musicians who added profundity to the production are Josh Elliott on (bass, guitar & keyboards), Peter Voronov on (violins & violas) and Karl Thompson on (drums). Although each has played and recorded individually, the final production has one solid spirit with all the elements being synced and harmonized and having the vibe of a passionate live act.

The lyrics contain both metaphoric and realistic verses that spot the light on the thoughts of the one who has been tolerating tons of abuse but no more. It has been skillfully written to make you feel sympathy for one and repulsed by the other.

Its slow tempo, quick pick-up, and gradual slowdown again make it impossible to resist, especially when combined with the chorus’s explosive vigor with its stuck-to-the-head line and the progression of the intense drumming, along with the dramatic strings that get you hooked and touched.

This is your green light to say: “I’ll no longer play your game. I need to leave before I break.” And if you feel like you still need a push, put the song on repeat till you’re powered up.

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