Generating a buzz, Sorry Darling are fresh new alternative rockers from Brooklyn. Their recent debut has been met with praise for their creativity and unique songwriting. Their ‘See This Through’ EP, released in early 2024, showcases their knack for earworm melodies and big guitars. The bands love for thoughtful songwriting is evident in every moment.

Sorry Darling recently shared a new music video, injecting one of their most popular tracks ‘Language Of Touch’, with visual storytelling. As a song, ‘Language Of Touch’ is elegant in its coming-of-age feel and narrative. The bright but chugging guitar chords layered with reverberant lead melodies, introducing us to a soft vocal duet from Liz Wagner Biro and Steve Bailey. Both taking on guitar as well, the pair are able to use their instruments and voices to bring energy and emotion to each bar.

Jackie Land on bass and Dan Holodak on drums empower the rhythm section, each subtle groove and dynamic fill fueling the rise of feelings. This steady rise to the climax of melody and harmony is echoed in a love-drenched video, a must-listen track and a must-see visual.

Liz Wagner Biro adds, “We wanted the video for Language of Touch to celebrate the way young love shapes us, the joy and the heartbreak of it all, and how that young love feeling doesn’t have to be confined to time or space. That adolescent electricity can live on if you stay open to it.” Steve continues, “As a song, Language of Touch was born out of a need to feel moments of trust and safety in physical love and how the tension before realizing that can make those moments even more powerful. With the video we wanted to explore those themes in a situation that I think we all daydream about happening with our past loves.”

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