Heavily influenced by extreme melodic metal icons, the duo JAy R (vocals) & Xtina (bass) laid the foundations of MisophoniA back in 2017. After line-up changes, demos, EPs, a music video, and unleashing their forces upon the live scene, the Scottish headbangers landed a record deal with Sliptrick Records and dropped a 2 part maxi single “Sorrows of Yesterday” from where we’ll be reviewing “Sorrows of Yesterday, Pt. I” and “Sorrows of Yesterday, Pt. II” right away.

“Sorrows of Yesterday, Pt. I” acts as a dark melancholic build-up with beautiful emotional melodies and a heart-hitting pace. Its heavy piano-led progression with those magnificent orchestrations by guest artist Enzo Satera created the perfect setup for what’s coming next. “Sorrows of Yesterday, Pt. II” comes with blasting drums, relentless raw riffs, and heavy vocals that blew its dynamics away, taking us into a headbanging-guaranteed melodic structure. The dry aggressive vocals fit the head-spinning riffs and impressive heavy drumlines, and the super melodic guitars and the well-written and layered swinging arrangement between emotional and hard-hitting parts showed MisophoniA’s solid writing skills, sense of melody, and direction. The guitar work on “Sorrows of Yesterday, Pt. II” is pretty unique and catchy, with all those melodies and riffs easily laid and smoothly changing until it peaks on that KILLER SOLO!

“Sorrows of Yesterday, Pt. I ” and “Sorrows of Yesterday, Pt. II ” are more of a journey inside MisophoniA’s creative mind, showing their diverse influences and their musicianship in creating different sounds within the same mood and melancholic feel. I’m definitely keeping an eye on MisophoniA, and will be looking forward to their upcoming full-length, cheers and keep on rocking folks!