Amryn Shae Jaekel & Liam Flagg

At the centre of Niagara’s new alternative scene, Sunshine Express (a.k.a. S.EX) are a shining force of urgent, electric energy: rock ‘n’ roll with an expressive, experimental edge.

I LUV SEX” sees the group graduating from experimental recording project to living, breathing band. Sunshine Express’ goal was to convey their dynamic performance style as much as possible, to capture (rather than manufacture) the chaotic, communal spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

They recorded live as a group, without a click, in the same room. The track mixes rock instrumentation with experimental sounds like pad synths and Mario 64 sound font samples. It includes the band’s signature elements: AKAI sampling, hard-tuned vocals, and an ambient aura.

Auteur Research