‘Something New’ is the latest release from Finland’s most unassuming rock star Tom Tikka. Accompanied by his band The Missing Hubcaps, Tom Tikka’s latest is a slow, steady burning pop rock stunner.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Tom Tikka might look like a late bloomer, having only jumped onto the scene in 2020, but it is worthy to know that he been a part of the Sony-signed band Carmen Gray, and the FBP-signed one The Impersonators. Since Tikka has gone solo, he has released 2 studio albums, with each containing smashing, internationally charting songs like ‘This Is My Happy Face’, and the #2 hit ‘I’m Done With Blues’, so it is clear to see that Tikka knows how to write a chart-topping single. 

But he seems to have outdone himself with ‘Something New’, with the song internationally charting even before its official release. This bonafide single now sits at #4 on the UK TOP 100 Rock Singles Chart. The song is a gorgeously written and recorded pop rock ballad that moves through its multiple sections with grace and fluidity. Tom’s warm and soothing voice is charismatic and his soulful delivery of the song’s challenging lines is an indication of a truly capable singer. The song’s infused cinematic and operatic moments only manage to add so much to its pop grandeur, with sudden staccato string stabs, sonic shifts to include a sizeable choir, and his own abrupt climbs to the heights of his falsetto, next to his healthy vocal belt outs.

It is not a surprise that Tom Tikka’s ‘Something New’ has become a chart topper. The man knows how to write a catchy piece of music that immediately grabs the attention, as well as being musically weighted and intricate. A showstopping piece of modern-sounding pop.