Pure gold that can be in the ideas of the new The Gold Supply band

The music band faces a reality full of heavy and unprofitable things and the loss too another reality full of facing the truth in a way

Honesty is very close to the feeling of some these days and they have a special character to make this message appear clearly while talking about pain in a dark, open way, but mimicking the current situation.
The first song merges them with something that looks like you a lot and a lot of feelings like they want everyone to look at them, not to pretend. But to make you see the whole picture of the story going on inside you.
We are influenced by the guitar and the re-rhythm of the beats something inside you that wants to express reality in a way full of meditation and thinking and solutions smooth to see why it was all this
And he shows the band’s first song a lot of things that will be very difficult to talk about in the current times that some people are going through and that’s what They’re going to put up on their next album.
Their album simulates a lot of the stories we went through in the Corona pandemic and how the world was in a state of satisfaction. A comic that made some people addicted to a lot of things, not just drugs.
And the character of the band mainly appears in a song that looks like you, i think it’s going to be effective for a lot of people, which is that You ask yourself over and over again if you’re a good person, someone who wants to believe. He’s a person who likes to see goodness and light Someone who trusts In himself or not
And that’s actually a great thing to highlight, or in a more correct sense, to highlight what’s inside us so that it’s not ultimately anything but the truth The realism that the body has to face
Something like you is characterized by a variety of women’s and men’s voices to make the musician in a state of rhythmic balance Without getting bored of acknowledging some words or melody
The band began writing and recording remotely as a way to cope with boredom, but soon realized the potential of what they were making So, as soon as the closure was easedThey decided to rent a studio in the middle of nowhere to perform songs.
The next album titled Open Lines is coming in: 29.04.2022

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