Eric Dolan

My favorite type of songs is that when you’re listening to energetic upbeat tunes, however, when you dig deeper and focus more on the lyrics and its meaning, you can find how we are sometimes so desperate. Well, SOMETHING by Wotts delivered this perfectly. 

I remember last July, when my teammate, Sarah Elzanaty reviewed their track, ‘6 Shooter’ and how she was so amazed by the track, which made me curious to listen to it, and oh! She was totally right! They are hitting again this month, with another indie pop-rock tune, and I really loved their pop elements over rock beats and how this was giving a strength and tightness for the track. Well done! 

Do you know the English pop-rock band The 1975? Their distinguished lyrics and musical output is outstanding for sure. The Canadian duo, Wotts, got inspired by The 1975 music and was the one of the main factors to create that indie pop hit. While listening to ‘SOMETHING’ I noticed that it’s not only about pop, they were keen to include other musical styles into the production, “Indie Pop is our goal, but I think we’re having a lot of fun with exploring new sounds and really trying to build an atmosphere with our music.” – Wotts bassist and guitarist Ricky 100 said. This is why I felt there was a nice mix of rock, electronica, along with vintage pop vibes as well. In simple words, ‘SOMETHING’ is one of those tunes that fits anywhere and you will simply swing and dance and interact easily with the music. Feel the vibes below!