American artist Gary Dranow is back with another nostalgic classic rock ballad “Something About You” released on the 13th of January.

My first introduction to Gary Dranow was “Fool Outta Me” which made me fall in love with his work due to its true rock spirit. He never fails to amaze me with his ability to mix rock subgenres creating a distinctive sound while presenting the beauty of the genre.

“Something About You” is a wonderful upbeat rock ballad that Gary wrote for his wife to express his love for her. Powered by a fat and very groovy bass line, the arpeggiating guitar provides the song with a southern rock sound, while the alluring guitar lick that begins the song and the strings section in the background give it more of a 60’s rock vibe. Gary serenades the listener with his amazing voice and energetic delivery that complement the song very well. After the second chorus the song goes into a small interlude where Gary changes the mode and gets into an arena rock atmosphere. That’s topped later with a soulful solo played with a remarkable fuzzed guitar. Rock truly never dies when we have artists like Gary Dranow who remind us of its beauty and why it was one of the most influential genres in history. “Something About You” is an uplifting masterpiece fueled by a catchy chorus that encourages the listener to sing-along. Don’t miss the chance to hear “Something About You”.


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