With her most recent track, “Someone Special,” rising talent Jett Jenkins captures the ache that comes after a meaningful friendship goes west.

“Someone Special” is textured to be melancholic; nevertheless, Jett Jenkins manages to add a sparkling, upbeat flavor. The Texas-based Indie-Pop artist has a distinct signature where she can sound both peppy and dramatic in the same song. Her sound blends between blue and bright colours, which is evident in this number.

The single has minimalist instrumentation to make the astonishing vocals standout. However, they do their job perfectly, reflecting the pain of losing a dear friend and yet remaining delightful in a way. The overall vibe is dreamy despite the sorrowful theme. The lucid, soulful lyricism is relatable, and how Jenkins sings them emotionally makes one engage and conjure their own sad loss.

Leaving the best for last, Jett Jenkins has captivating vocals that instantly lure one to listen and love her music. She has a melodic, delicate voice and such a sentimental timbre that conveys the sense of the song. The gifted musician manages to offer charming melodies. Every element in the production harmonizes exquisitely and results in one rich, moving execution.

It hurts to go through your memories and think about how you thought you were special to someone and how much they meant to you. Jett Jenkins succeeded in opening this wound, yet she also soothed it with her musical remedy because she’s one special artist!