Stephen Orr’s guitar and Eunice’s contralto vocals use neo-soul and R&B to sell an important social message. Communication and genuine connection have always been a mysterious topic to tackle, especially in a digitally-driven world like ours. “Someone Real” hits that nerve, swiftly with the expertise of a surgeon, using Eunice’s sexy, confident voice and Stephen’s impressive guitar work to set the mood for a dazzling track, lingering long after it ends. The music video is complementary to the song, with two people separated by an invisible barrier only to come together at the end of the track, emphasizing what it means to be emotionally distant even when physically people are together.
The influence of the 90s/00s pop music scene is vivid in “Someone Real” as the lyrics take a fundamentally simple arc while music cascades shifting through lukewarm emotions. Stephen’s guitars and Eunice’s singing are harmonious, melting in a pot of multi-instrumentalist soundscapes. If Valentine’s season was over, “Someone Real” is a track for a lifetime of celebrating love.


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Jaylan Salah