After a two-year hiatus, the English rising star Joe Bygraves is back with his smash Pop hit, “Someone Else,” that will get you both ecstatically grooving and heartbreakingly moving.

Joe Bygraves is a dazzling artist from Bedfordshire who has a mature sound and exquisite songwriting. His most recent single, “Someone Else,” is sufficient proof of his musical prowess and distinct artistry.

“Someone Else” has all you need for lifting your spirit, but it also has what it takes to urge you to yearn over the ghost of your past relationship. Here we witness one of Joe Bygraves’ admirable skills: knowing how to build an atmosphere balanced between light-hearted and melancholic elements.

All of the single’s splendid, harmonized elements seamlessly convey the theme and vibe of the song. However, what stands out the most is Bygraves’ astonishing vocals with his melodic, warm tone and passionate delivery. The chorus is infectious and gets one touched even if you don’t have a similar epic relationship to conjure up. Bygraves’ poignant, genuine performance will draw quite a scene in your mind.

As the song reaches its climax, you’ll be showered with intense emotions from one side and a sense of euphoria from another. The instrumentation follows the lead of the vocals and offers a sensational and longing ambiance, yet it goes with an energizing manoeuvre to get one engaged with the pure lush. So to give you a hint: The clear, ballsy riffs along with the spirited drumline are your lifeline to not get immersed in nostalgia.

Well, you might find someone else to be your fresh love interest, but to tell you the truth, you won’t find someone else like Joe Bygraves! He’s one remarkable musician, indeed.