DJ Connery’s latest single is a sublime symphony of ‘smooth’. A sizzling piece of brooding, lilting, seductive alternative pop with a wealth of instrumental character and an ambience that paints a vivid and rather colorful scene.

Based in the Austrian town of Oberndorf, DJ Connery is the stage name of Reinhard Zwisler, a singer and songwriter whose sound on ‘Someone’, his latest single, is a mix between the pastel-colored 80s soft rock, and the uber-modern alt darlings Cigarettes After Sex. From its very beginning with a juicy bass line that is ever so slightly overdriven, and a slow and steady beat to back it, it was clear that Zwisler wants to paint a sonic scenery with his sounds, and that comes to complete fruition with the addition of the guitars, and the eventual organs. A truly gentle piece that rocks and thunders with emotions, courtesy of a tasteful arrangement and a terrific production job.

‘Someone’ is a gentle, personal, and well-calculated piece of music that drips with charisma. The beautifully written, performed, and balanced guitar lines, leaving ample space, yet filling the precise space they need to fill, and the warm and elegant organ parts pushing the whole arrangement forth from the background, the song is full of production nuances that showcase DJ Connery’s knack for creating a mood with music.