“Someday” by the Santa Cruz-based artist Far West is helping us power through the sweltering hot weather. With its twinkling guitar touches, fuzzy synth taste, and reverberated vocals, this song seems tailor-made for hazy summer days by the beach or on a nighttime walk in the park. Regarding the song, Far West states that lyrically, the song is about having the courage to let the past go and not letting it drag you down.

This song adheres closely to the spirit of endearment and candour that came to define the bedroom pop genre.

Featuring saccharine, detached love themes accompanied by wobbly guitar licks, as if the artist himself were in a trance while performing them, a guitar-pop daydream as swaying and inviting as a garden swing encapsulates much of the charm of his music. This enticing aloofness is one of the distinctive characteristics of Far West.

The track is frequently beautiful and occasionally aggravating; it sounds as if it was recorded swiftly, but was clearly laboured over. The single evolves in millimetres: it iterates on the same sound while gently modifying it with each verse. The lyrics grow more explicit with every verse and the themes become evident.