With a colorful piece of feel-good pop punk, Last Case Scenario welcomes the summer with their latest anthemic single ‘Some Nights’. Melodic, emotive, punchy, and thunderous, the four-piece rock outfit are delivering their best chops.

Based in Newcastle, Last Case Scenario are a rock outfit composed. ‘Some Nights’ is the title of their latest release. The punchy and exciting single is an ode to reckless, nighttime fun with friends. An homage to those late nights out where you don’t care about anything or anybody other than the moment you’re living in.

The song is a good blend of rocking and sweet. From the frontman’s caramel smooth delivery that’s very approachable to the nice and emotional chords and melodies, to the thunderous beat and bass part, tight and driving, overdriven rhythm guitars, and fiery solo, the duality of hard rock and upbeat rock create a palpable tension that beautifully drives the song forward.

The relatable lyrics and the rock-solid production are the two cherries on top of the cake. With the former being heartfelt and simple enough for anyone to appreciate, and the latter being dynamic and balanced, ‘Some Nights’ is a sweet, wholesome meal of rock and lighthearted punk.