‘Some Evenings’ is a delightfully quirky song that never stopped surprising me throughout its runtime, and in the process securing a new, quite excited fan for Kwolek and his visceral sound.

Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, Kwolek is a singer and songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, and a producer who single-handedly runs this whole establishment. With a stellar vision and truly one-of-a-kind sound, ‘Some Evenings’ has brutally abrasive guitars, far more gentle ones, vocals that sound like The Beatles, and vocals that don’t. Some guitar lines are suggestive and curious, others are brash and in your face. It seems like ‘Some Evenings’ has a little bit of so many things.

Writing, recording, and producing his own songs in a closet, Kwolek’s process takes forever, and the results are sublime. The guitars are particularly creative, ranging from whimsical, hushed lines, to bold and prominent single notes, to gritty and abrasive rhythmic strums, the sound is generally delightfully lo-fi, giving the sound an experimental edge that would make the guys from Grizzly Bear foam at the mouth with excitement.

On ‘Some Evenings’, Kwolek has somehow managed to find a sound that fuses intense grunge from the 90s with noisy, indie pop from the 2010s. We genuinely did not know such a thing existed but here we are. Kwolek’s efforts and time taken to polish his tunes to the point where they seem gorgeously dirty, is positively appreciated.