“Some Angels Never Learn To Fly” is one of the greatest singles released by Swedish Alternative Rock/Power Pop project Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends. The single features guest vocals by David Myhr, who had worked with the band on previous releases by that time as both vocalist and producer. 

The track has brightly-toned guitars and a strong and definitive bassline which will grab your attention from the opening lines. Shortly after, the graceful and gritty lead vocals join and they remind me of 70s Tom Waits and David Bowie due to their strong and grounded low-range and clean intonation. It’s rare to find rock vocalists who don’t prefer harsher vocals and raspiness these days, but with this track, the clean singing brought an extra sense of emotion and intimacy.

The vocal lines themselves give a sense of storytelling and go into a totally u predictable lower key for the chorus. People would usually anticipate some show-off-y high notes or at least a higher harmony during the chorus but these guys made the choice of going lower, and they hit the jackpot with it.

The drumming style of the song adds a power-pop element that balances with the rockish sound of the guitars, making this piece timeless and accessible to fans from all ends of the rock spectrum. I couldn’t find a single discipline or style of rock in which this song is confined, because it ticks so many boxes for me and it goes the extra mile of emotional delivery which is guaranteed to make everyone who listens to it remember it vividly and want to replay it.