It’s always better to keep things simple! “Solid Gold” was recorded live, in one take, directly into the microphones, with acoustic melodies and bouncing vocals. The track length is shorter than the original, but it’s more emotional because it’s less about electrically vibrant tunes and more like you’re sitting with them, you can get closer to every single detail, singing along in front of the fire, enjoying the beauty of nature, natural vocals, and melodies.

Tess’ natural, dancing, strong vocals, combined with hers and Jahn’s impassioned acoustic chords, make the bittersweet lyrics about loss sound much sweeter. You simply have to admire their distinct style, which includes alternative rock vibes and vocals that go wildly well without any auto-tune! The icing on the cake is a pleasant music video of their live singing, complete with dancing scenes in the attic that appear as shadows behind them in some parts.

If you’re digging for some gold, listen to “Solid Gold” below:

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Viola Karmy 


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