Every artist’s creative process is different, some compose in silence, others while observing nature, some by brainstorming and juggling ideas with others. To Sam Lumar, he doesn’t seek the melodies, they come to him. 

It all started when he was in secondary school when he heard the melodies whenever he had to study or do an assignment. That’s when he started to pay more attention to music and seek meaning behind it all, he figured the best way to fight his personal fear of death is to create something that can last forever, has no expiration date, and so came the decision of leaving his home city and moved to Valencia to study music production, then to Denmark before he currently settled in London. Before releasing his first debut single ‘SODA’, Lumar recorded and released a few videos of him playing his guitar, piano and singing. The music he plays in these videos is called “The dream songs” collection; a bunch of melodies and compositions that started out as ideas and simple melodies that came into his head while sleeping, as a dream, a soundtrack of a movie as he calls it, which he later records and develops into pieces. ‘SODA’ throws you off at the intro with electronic sounds that you expect from a house pop song but then a strong, energetic rock melody and structure comes in and stays throughout it all. The electronic sounds make a short comeback in an instrumental bridge as a reminder. The musicality and context of the song is not complex; the melody is simple, making the song catchy and easy on the ears. The lyrics are about Nihilism and the struggles of internet addiction, the artist uses lots of repetition of versus. The song is mastered by Oli Morgan (Bastille) at Abbey Road Studios and produced by Sam Lumar himself along with Oz Craggs (Neck Deep).