Mike Rumchaks

Four Stars, a three-piece pop-punk band from Illinois, recently released their first single of the year “So Long”. The lineup consists of Aida Ahmed on vocals/guitar, Danny Escobar on bass/vocals and Mikey Williams on drums/vocals.

At first listen, I absolutely loved the pop-punk feel to it, all the while it’s touching on the topic of being proud of yourself, despite all the hardships that you endured. I was especially fond of the music video that accompanied the song, the choreography was super touching, and made me tear up. Though it sounds like a sad, melancholic song, it is far from that! It talks about survival and endurance, and there’s nothing sad about that.

To conclude, I fell in love with this single, and the touching music video that accompanied it. It’s no wonder the video garnered almost 13,500 views on Youtube! This is just the start for Four Stars, and this single will definitely shed some light on them and put them on the road to stardom.