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You know that one person in your life that always gets to you?

Maybe there’s a soft spot in your heart for that person…or maybe you are madly in love with that person…or maybe both of you are made for each other and simply can’t get away from your destiny…

That is the storyline of Aura Davis’ latest song “So It Goes”.

Aura Davis is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, records music, does back vocals…is there anything Aura can’t do? Apparently no!

Aura hails from Zurich, Switzerland. Grüezi!

As we were talking in the beginning, Aura talks in her song “So It Goes” about a very specific and widely related topic…going in a relationship with a person that you can’t get enough of…even if always ends in a disaster…I believe a lot…or most of us even, already had a brush with that situation, right?

Aura comes from a rock’n’roll background and roots and she sure as hell shows that with her ‘in-your-face-rock-n-roll’ attitude…that attitude is something I greatly miss, and I’ll say…we need more true artists like Aura, doing what she does best, and that’s it…just being a cool and deep rockstar.

“So It Goes” also has that attitude…it’s an in-your-face song, about a sensitive and deep topic while having that rock-punk attitude…so why don’t we jump into the song, see what’s it all about…lets?

The song starts with a bass riff and drum beats that establishes the mood…builds up with guitar riffs and a rock drum fill…we’re in the mood Aura, you got us.

The song builds up bit by bit till reaching the powerful and catchy chorus..then it manages your energy levels and it takes it down a notch, taking you back in the verse…

I was really looking forward to hearing that intro bass riff once again…and Aura did not disappoint. After midway through the song, she shakes things up and takes us back to that bass riff with the drums playing alongside, locking and grooving together in awesome style.

The song has all the merits of punkish, rock, energetic and lyrical song…it takes you through a wide range of emotions, whether through the lyrics or the music…because sometimes the emotion changes root from the music, other times, from the lyrics.

The guitar sounds powerful and big, drums sounds energetic and the awesome and mighty bass glues everything together wonderfully.

We connected with Aura Davis’ “So It Goes” on a personal experience level, that is something that doesn’t happen that often, but she made us feel things, remember things…reminisce on things…and that is how she got us and how she will get you!

Aura, we wish you all the best in the world, you deserve it…and a bit more.

We will be on the lookout for new music from you!



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