Hailing from the United States, heavy metal band Prove You Wrong drops their latest and 1st 2022 single “So I Begins”, mixing their old school heavy metal roots with modern sounds creating their own signature that I would advise every metal fan to check out. Let me tell you why

 “So it Begins” hits you in the face with a heavy rocking intro that – from my humble POV – would have been perfect with a wailing guitar solo. The verse riffs has that classic heavy metal groove that made us all fall in love with the genre and the vocal’s aggressiveness were on point. The sing-along chorus maintained the song’s heaviness while giving it an engaging touch that’s gonna be awesome when played live, the solo was neat, fast and aggressive and that heavy headbanger outro ended the song on a high note worthy of a proper heavy metal band.

Prove You Wrong are trying to keep heavy metal alive and I believe that they are going to succeed. Those guys are true heavy metal fans and they sound like they know their genre very well. It’s a classic, dynamic heavy metal piece with modern touches that gave it their very own signature. Looking forward for more headbangers from Prove You Wrong. Cheers!