Following the release of the debut album “Patch’d” in 2017, Jared Connell, singer-guitarist and percussion re-introduced his band with Tony Tempesta (Bass, synth), Tim McBride (guitar), and Kevin Smith on keyboards as the Color Channel team.

This year, the American rock and pop group Color Channel presented their single “So Far” which snatched us from the first seconds and worked around us with an insulating cover that gradually enveloped us so that we could not leave their 5-minute world.

The journey of “So Far” that began in recording studio H12 in Brighton, Massachusetts, is short but a world full of beautiful chords that are played very well, their tunes shining in a dense and heavy atmosphere loaded with colossal harmonies, bass, and drums providing the essential path for the rhythm to find its rightful place, and pave The sound has a path that eventually settles into your head and you can’t escape it.

The Color Channel track is a quiet vocal mix that tells about distances and what they can do, and sings words of anxiety and love, with a sense of confidence in an atmosphere full of nostalgia and sacrifice, which the choir adds in a few areas but leaves a wonderful emotional impression.

“So Far” was produced with Nemegata mixing engineer/producer Juan Alvarez and Grammy-winning mastering engineer Alex Psaroudakis. We are still waiting for more from them to enjoy us.


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