Soul and Blues have the potential to achieve great things when properly blended with good pop. Shaun Finn’s latest single ‘So Bad So Good’ attempts this blend and manages to deliver a song that’s dramatic, fun, and quite memorable.

Canadian singer and songwriter Shaun Finn is based in Vancouver. A talented musician whose specialty is the subtle and infuriatingly difficult art of live looping multiple instruments like guitars, drums, and vocals, Finn’s latest single sees him take the character of a rocking blues rock frontman and nail the performance.

‘So Bad So Good’ is a song about the natural arduousness of trying to resist temptations. Delivering the vocals in a vulnerable way, the song’s vocals are richly shaky with lush vibrato. The music is also nothing short of awesome. The arrangement heaves from the fragmented, start-stop syncopation on the verses, to the torrential downpour of rhythm guitar on the hooks. Quite a balanced composition that doesn’t use many moving parts to achieve something quite fulfilling, melodic, warm, and fun.

‘So Bad So Good’ is a lighthearted song that artfully mimics something far more somber. A playful piece of blues rock that’s underhandedly sleazy in a charming manner. displaying Shaun Finn’s wide array of talents, ‘So Bad So Good’ is not bad, just good.