Liam O'Conner, Christopher Davis, Everett B. DeLuca III

The rocking duo Flemish in the North starts their journey with their debut single “Snow Crocs” which was released on the 11th of July 2022. After a number of trials with different bands, the two friends Christopher Davis (guitar/bass/vocals) and  Everett B. DeLuca III (guitar/keys/piano/vocals) decided to join forces and formed Flemish in the North and today, we’re gonna dig deep into their first release.

“Snow Crocks” starts with an unmistakable groove that you can’t avoid, it smoothly introduces us to a flowing verse with decisive vocals, fluid bass, and rocking distorted guitars before engaging into a fun playful chorus. The chorus is pretty catchy. I kept on humming it for quite some time. They steer into a brighter and more open sound at the interlude around the 3:00 minutes mark before turning into a more fuzzy and heavier sound while keeping their bass/guitar conversation going up till the very end. 

“Snow Crocs” is a very promising debut single by Flemish in the North, it shows their potential and signs of identity, unique approach, and most important “sound”. I will be looking forward to their debut album. Cheers!