The band describe themsevles as an odd rock band from Northern Sweden, but actually, I see them as the normal pop/rock style that we should on regural basis. Since the first guitar riff of “Snö på Hawaii” I was really amazed by the stoner and psychadelic rock influences.  


It’s pretty obvious their vintage rock sound, which they are very keen to present within their musical output, actually this is something I’d like to salute them for, because I have seen many bands make a great merge between old-school and modern styles, still, Från Mars were very keen to represent a vintage and unqiue rock style. The song lyric is very deep and combines dark in an uplifting happy atmosphere “the song “Snö på Hawaii” is an attempt to combine the deep and dark in a slightly uplifting happy atmosphere. With the purpose of giving strength to endure a dark and cold winter. The lyrics written by Sandra Lindfors cuts into the duality between the dim reality and the wild imagination.” – the band explained. “Snö på Hawaii” or Snow in Hawaii is the band’s attempt to put this somewhat gloomy but sunny Hawaii setting into words. Defintlatly added to my music library. 


Från Mars on Facebook, Instagram, YouTubeSoundCloud, and Spotify.


Mena Ezzat


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