Making art comes from something deep within the artist, from the life experiences the artist goes through…and these experiences that shape the artist’s soul could be positive or negative…both of which create some kind of resonance to which the artistic soul grows more and more…and this time, we are witnessing one of these experiences…

New Jersey-based artist Scxtty poured his personal life experience into a song…and this song came out of a relationship where he has been cheated on…the result is his latest single “Snap Back 2 The Old Me”…a rock pop musical journey that drops with a music video that is very intriguing, trippy and funny at times…and visually very very entertaining.

“Snap Back 2 The Old Me” fuses both pop and rock to create an engaging musical experience, even though it came out from a darker place of Scxtty’s life, but the song is an absolute blast to enjoy.

The song is groovy, the bass line plays a big role in that…of course along with the drum beats…with a very rock-infused guitar riffing and a very powerful vocal performance, not just because of its energy in the chorus…but because of its sincerity too.

“Snap Back 2 The Old Me” has a very catchy chorus and a pretty sick bridge, which is something I don’t find myself saying frequently…or at all…but the bridge here could have been a song in itself actually, awesome stuff.

The song along with the video clip runs at 2 minutes and 50 seconds and it’s pretty cool to see the story and the little glimpses of what Scxtty is trying to convey through the visuals…it’s a blast.

We wish all the best to Scxtty and hope we get to hear more and more of his unique music, performance, and storytelling… can’t wait.


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