Creating a massive blasting mix, the Sydney-based musician Slatz teamed up with The Weight of Silence’s J-Figure to create a storming mix of nu-metal and metalcore on his latest single Snake Eyes which was out on the 13th of October, 2023. Let me tell you more about it.

Snake Eyes kickstarts with intense attacking vocals, pounding drumming, and hard-hitting groovy riffs, promising a heavy banger ahead. Its powerful groove and attacking flow boost the listeners’ energy sending them off their seats headbanging, while the acute dynamic shifts and breakdowns played a major role in keeping Snake Eyes’ sound fresh and always changing, reflecting the extremely interesting diverse vocal deliveries by Slatz and J-Figures. Snake Eyes’ relentless, unstoppable heaviness had me hooked and fully following its brutal twists and turns, reaching that irresistible breakdown around the 2:50 minute mark, you’ll lose control over your reactions as I believe this will send people moshing like hell when played live, leading to a well-deserved heavy outro that’ll leave you playing Snake Eyes all over again.

Snake Eyes is one hell of a heavy, extremely energetic tune with some well-crafted and written dynamics that keep the listeners off their feet and moving for the whole song. It shows Slatz‘s amazing skill in keeping his sound fresh and heavy without losing its intensity, keeping the fire burning and people moshing from the start till the end. Looking forward to more from you guys, keep on rocking. Cheers!