Brian Quirk

What comes to mind when you think of Green Day? Maybe energetic songs? Emotional words? Thick guitars? Most probably-early 2000s fun!

This is Brian Quirk, from Philadelphia. The song is Snake Bite Poison. A fast-paced, high-octane, Alt-Rock single is all hot for 2022! Immediately catchy and accessible, Brain really wears his influences on his sleeve. Unashamed to show-off his nicest Billie Joe Armstrong shops. The thick guitar chords, high-power singing, the immediacy of the delivery for all the instruments; it really is a song that sets in quickly and doesn’t cool down until it is over.

The vocals are in the front and center with great delivery, hooking melodies, and beautiful harmonies that soar in the background, adding so much, unseen. A strong -but too short- guitar solo features in the second half that will be hard to miss. Don’t miss the fantastic drums as well; steady beats and a roomy sound that functions as the true backbone for the song, as it should.

A simple song that delivers maybe not the most original or a defining chapter in creative genius, but a fun little song to blast while working out or just if you’re in the mood for a little Green Day, that’s not Green Day.