Gabby Minkiewicz

Teen Mortgage transports us to a world of guitars and pavement with their new Punk/ Rock single ‘SMOKED’, which throws us back to simpler and rawer times.

The song itself is dedicated to that moment while skateboarding when you either land your trick or literally break a leg.

While it begins with a riffy guitar and ends as abruptly as when you trip and fall on the floor, finding yourself confused as to how you got there. 

The rough instrumentation delivers the feeling of a fast-paced life, where amongst all the chaos and noise, people get to build up themselves and become tougher and more decisive.

The music video is a collab between Teen Mortgage and Superstone Skateboarding, a skateboarding content brand and community. It reminded us of the 90s’ MTV videos when the cool thing to do was hang out in a park instead of posting non-stop on social media. Yes, there was a Nokia, tougher than the ankles of these skaters.

For those who don’t skate, this song will either convince you or give you a better understanding of the hard work and strong core you have to be a skater.

The Washington D.C.-based band has proof through ‘SMOKED’ that they have a solid understanding of a good Garage Punk song. 

Even more, the pace of the melody is so powerful and bold that it doesn’t leave space to let you do anything else but absorb the moment.