Los Angeles based artist SMILEZ is no stranger to standing out in the crowd with his vibrant, yellow presence. He is the missing link between grungy punk catharsis and unrestrained hip-hop bravado. The artist shares, “I like to put my DNA into everything I do which is why I produced my new album and directed all the music videos.” 

He has emerged as a rare disruptor in the new RAGE space. He can turn up on a track with Snoop Dogg, yet he’s also graced the hallowed Warped Tour stage. SMILEZ had multiple successful tours, opening for Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa and JuiceWRLD. In 2021, he released a string of singles, including the track “HAPPY,” which hit number one on the SoundCloud charts, racking up more than seven million streams. With his notable brand making waves in the industry, he ended 2022 with a deeply emotional track in honor of his late brother titled “Sit Back & Relax,” which serves as a PSA to the fentanyl epidemic. 

Now, SMILEZ has unveiled his debut album, Ur in My World. Acting as a portrait of his life to date, the 15-track release is a blend of hip-hop and punk rock, with an underlying theme of trying to make the best out of tough situations. The album includes the new single “Someday” which samples The Strokes, creating an instant hit that sticks in your head. It also features “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else” which narrates the mental struggles of losing a loved one. “Party Party Party” is a loud 808 pounding mix of modern hiph-op production and classic pop-punk. 


SMILEZ started off 2023 with a Genius ‘Open Mic’ performance. Ur in My World, is out now. 

Press via LPR Agency