After garnering widespread acclaim for his last song “Pretty”… Bristol-based artist Chandra releases another musical hit that bursts with energy and huge and mountainous passionate melodies…” Smile” is finally here.

The UK artist unleashes the alt-rock energy with “Smile”…

…with elements from punk and pop rock, “Smile” is a shining star in the night sky that is filled with the 21st-century global direction of the trap genre…but Chandra has other plans, aiming to take audiences from around the world to the powerful world of rock.

…filled with feel-good, dancey, euphoric and uplifting energies, “Smile” starts with a powerful punk guitar intro with vocals…the drums start out at half speed, but then it goes into fifth gear and doesn’t hold back…

…so do the guitars, bass and vocals…” Smile” is a song that doesn’t hold back and lets the musicality just flow naturally and artistically.

There is also another bit that needs some light to be shined upon…the song’s name is “Smile” (no fox gibbon)…which you might not get at first, but when the “no fox gibbon” bridge starts to lay down, you’ll get it…if you’re laughing now, then you got it…it definitely put a smile on my face…

…hey, wait…it really did put a “Smile” on my face…well that’s the message of the song, it’s a song that wants to put a smile on our faces and hearts, making us feel good.

I salute Chandra for making a song with that goal in mind…it’s the kind of song that has both a very high musicality to it while also being entertaining, fun, and super enjoyable.

Wishing Chandra all the best in life, as he’s trying to do the same for the world through his music.