Like many tracks in a post-COVID music scene, “Smile, It’s Over :)” joins many in raging against capitalism and rebelling against corporate greed. The track is commercial, catchy, and super biased in its authenticity and domineering spite-pop sound. Only Bricks’ vocalist Anne DiGiovanni does all the work, getting a lick of the glorious 80s/90s pop-rock invasion with her quirk and spark, using her voice and inspiration to create an unforgettable song.
“Smile, It’s Over :)” is more than anybody has ever bargained for. It’s unabashedly witty, tongue-in-cheek, and rebellious. The Santa Monica-based indie-pop duo knows what they’re doing with the accompanying music video which has all the flair and stripped-back feel of an Avril Lavigne/Gwen Stefani marching song. The recipe is simple, modernity vs. nostalgia, pop-infused with melodic rock, a female lead vocalist who has a set of pipes that dazzle, add a colorful music video to the mix and that’s what Only Bricks have been aiming at all along.


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Jaylan Salah