Teasing their upcoming record, the Hampshire-based rockers Mark Vennis & Different Place dropped its title track Small Town Vampire on Halloween day October 31, 2023. Mixing their diverse influences with their clever unique sound, Small Town Vampire will send you off your seats and leave you digging deep into Mark Vennis & Different Place’s catalog. Let me tell you more about it.

Mark Vennis & Different Place’s punk roots and highly energetic flow are pretty clear right from Small Town Vampire’s groovy opener. It moves forward powerfully with hooking melodies and extremely enjoyable dynamic shifts, keeping their energy high and the listeners engaged with their playful riffs and irresistible easy-going flow. Mark Vennis & Different Place’s detailed writing is pretty interesting, their riffs are pretty well-balanced with an unmistakable groove while the warm mellow keys were beautifully layered adding a deep emotional texture to the song’s flow, all topped by an expressive engaging vocal melody that offers multiple singalong parts that organically would give some amazing moments when played live. 

Small Town Vampire is a solid tune with an instantly hooking sound and clever writing by Mark Vennis & Different Place. It shows their well-knowledge of their sound and direction as they managed to create a shifting interesting structure with dynamic twists and turns without compromising their sound or flow. Looking forward to more from Mark Vennis & Different Place, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!